Pakistan popularity-natural salt handicrafts

No one can compete with Pakistan in handicrafts making, there are different verities of handicrafts and are very much famous all over the world. In Pakistan handicrafts made from the naturally occurring rock salts and it is very unique and exclusive idea that has been started off in Pakistan. Some of the biggest salt mine of the world are there in Pakistan. One of them is known as “Kiorra” in the north central region of Punjab these naturally occurring deposits, this area is also known as salt range. There in the soil the concentration of hydrochloric acid is extremely high. All the time, it damages bridges, roads and railway tracks. This natural rock salt is available in 32 different colors, delicate designs on salt is not easy and possible because it is not hard enough.

An expert artist can produce these eye-catching shapes and designs from these solid pieces of salt. The best thing is that these naturally occurring salts release chlorine smell every time that kills germs in the around area all the time. The temperature of these rocks if increases the process of Chloro-nization becomes fast. The handicrafts produced from the salt products it requires a lot of handwork to produced candle holders, lamps, decorative pieces and ashtrays from raw rock salt. The most attractive fact about these salt products is at very reasonable priced.  

The products produce from rock salt are also acquiring very much popularity in other countries as well. Even the large markets like Wal-mart are also providing these rock salt products and many online stores are also selling these handmade handicrafts.