Pakistan traditional transport-tangas

Pakistan handicraft is very much famous all over the world; Pakistan carries this tradition since long time and is making new and unique innovations with every passing day. A traditional way of hand painted horse carriages are not now only be used by the royal families. In the present time you can make it an everyday ride. In Pakistan and especially in village the horse carriages or tangas are the best ride for everyone, they are hand painted and is decorated with glass covers and with leather tops. The owner and the driver of tanga is called “Kuchvan”, they have a great character in Pakistan society although tangas are not used in big cities because they are very slow moving means of transportation and they can create problem but in villages this is considered as the royal sawari and they have a great value. Almost all the children in Pakistan have a ride in this carriage because it is mostly used as a school bus.

The traditional way of painting exclusive designs on it is from an ancient time. In the time when Indians maharajas and rajas used such carriages for travelling, and sometime elephants were used for the most honorable king or guest. These carriages with elephants were considered as the royal transport but with the advancement such kind of things are disappeared from the street but tangas are still used as a traditional transport in Pakistan. Even today some special kind of buggies are prepared with two horses in the front and are decorated in a very royal style and are used to take a trip of the city, it is happen in some cities of Pakistan. Such an ancient transport must have been given cultural and social values in our culture. Such carts are still used for carrying passengers from one place to other

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