Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani Cuisines

Pakistan is a country with a wonderful landscapes, sceneries and  most importantly a distinct culture of its own .Keeping aside all other aspects of Pakistani culture the eating habits of the people here are also no match in the world.

Pakistanis are fun loving people. They celebrate their festivals in their true colors and none of their celebration or event can be completed without a menu of tasty and delicious foods. The eating habits of people in different part of the country are different from each other for example Punjabis are more fond of spicy food as compared to the people in Baluchistan who eat les fatty food with less spices

The food timings in Pakistan are that meals are taken three times a day i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner .Between lunch and dinner mostly people take snacks with a cup of tea or coffee.

Pakistani cuisine

In villages people like desi food like Lassi and Makai ki roti .The villagers eat simple but healthy food as compared to the people living in cities. In Pakistan the culture of fast food has grown very high in last few years .The young generation is so much fond of burgers .zingers and pizzas etc and it has become the fashion of the day.

In Punjab ,Lahoris are world famous for their love for food .There are number of markets where day and night a crowd of people can be seen buying their favorite eatables. The favorite menu for the breakfast is Halwa Poori, Naan Channay and Paaye .

In Pakistan mostly women use more spices in their dishes .These spices are now also available in different packing under different manufacturers names .The trend to use these readymade spices has made cooking more easier .These spices are also being sent to the different countries around the world .

Pakistan cuisine has its own unique taste and now different T.V channels have been started which have made the cooking more easier and the whole world can see the Pakistani meals so it is also a sort of publicity of Pakistani culture.

We may say in the end that Pakistan is really blessed with a rich culture having her own identity and unique traditions.