Pakistani Culture

Pakistan colorful culture

Language is a vital part of any culture. Family, norms and values are the integral part of any culture in the world. Every society and culture has its own norms and ethics which are respected and esteemed by the people who own them.

In Pakistan there is a strange family structure which pays due respect to its values and etiquettes. If we prove deep down into the family structure in Pakistan we will see that as compared to western countries, in Pakistan the family is comparatively large usually consisting on six children.

Almost two decades back there was a trend to live in a joint family structure but now a days a separable home system has also been developed. But it doesn’t mean that the importance of joint family system and its positive aspects have been brushed aside. It is believed by the people in Pakistan that while living in joint families children have a constant interaction with their elders which provide them a continuous guidance in different paths of their lives. In Pakistani culture family norms are given priority. Every young girl and boy is supposed to pay the respect to elders.

In Pakistan family is a close unit structure formed by the members who live in it and they share every single happy and sad moment of each other’s life.

For example on dining table while sitting together for a meal it is waited by all the family that the eldest member should start eating first. Pakistan’s traditional family system offers a very strong bond among each and every family member. Decisions are not taken individually rather problems are negotiated and later on finalized by the eldest member of the family.

In Pakistan the traditional respect house of the relations is highly valued whether it is a relation between siblings or parents and children. Males are the bread earners while women look after  the home but in certain conditions women also workout to support her family financially.

In short, we can rightly claim that Pakistani traditional family system is based on love, sympathy, kindness and tolerance. And this is the real beauty of the Pakistani culture.