To understand what the culture of any country is, one must first define what culture is. Definition of culture has many connotations particularly in relation to the people of that area. The culture encompasses common and special customs of people and the locations combined with the values, attributes and religious and non-religious beliefs, Culture is also depended on the language, skills, arts and the profession of the local people. Culture is also defined by the ceremonies and festivals being observed. Culture is human behavior towards certain obligations laid down by ancestors.

Pakistan is an Islamic Republic; therefore its culture is a true picture of Islamic values, although there are many other minorities like Hindus, Christians and Parsees, but their religious beliefs have no significant influence on the culture of Pakistan

Some of the salient features of a Pakistani Culture are as follow:-

  • Religious beliefs and ceremonies are followed with zeal, zest, great fervor and pride. The religious culture depicts the true face of the Islam
  • The culture of Pakistan is most prominent due to the dresses code of both men and women. The dress depicts the teaching of Islam; it provides protection to women folk due to observing of purda and decency to the men. There is no element of nudity; it is simple and comfortable particularly in relation to the varying climate of the country.
  • Religious teachers, scholars and preachers enjoy the highest degree of respect in the society.
  • The domination of the Male in the society is another major feature of the Pakistani culture. The male members have a special place at home and outside, in most cases male being the only earning member in a family they are respected and obeyed without any reservations. The male take all major decisions in the society and normally their decisions are taken as the final word.
  • Pakistani culture is not only centuries old, it is very rich in traditions. Each city, town and village is a symbol of true Islamic culture. The dress, language, dialect, eating habits and living styles change a little, but the Islamic values within the culture are not compromised at any place.


  1. In Pakistani culture are any human values respected?

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