Pakistani Culture

Pakistani Culture is very unique in terms of its social and ethical values. These values are something which are given due importance. This culture revolves around the religion of Islam which teaches equality among every human being that exists on this planet. Pakistan’s culture has diversity. It has been invaded by many different people belonging to different races. These people include the white Huns, Persian Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and various Eurasian groups. These groups differ in their way of dressing, food, religion. Pakistani culture consists of different cultures starting from the Punjabis and Sindhis to the tribal cultures of the easternmost Pakistani provinces. Now these cultures have strongly been influenced by surrounding cultures of India, Central Asia and the Middle East along with other places.

Pakistani society is largely multilingual and multicultural. There are some similarities than differences that can be found as most Pakistanis belong to Aryan heritage. Like sindhis and Punjabis obviously have a language difference. Traditional family values are known every where in this multicultural environment. The rural areas of Pakistan are still dominated by their own tribal customs dating back hundreds of years. The traditional dress of Pakistan is Shalwar kameez.

Many restaurants from other countries have started business in Pakistan and are making a lot business here. Media has played a wide role in bringing this change. There are many channels of different countries that we can see these days. This is something that is to some extent positive and negative also. Positively the new generation gains knowledge while negatively they are attracted to it and want to bring it in to practice. Indian movies can be seen here in Pakistani cinemas and Pakistani movies can be seen in India. This is positive in terms of Hindu Muslim Relations but Indian culture can not be accepted here. Some major differences occur.

Large number Pakistanis are also living in Middle East. These emigrants and their children influence Pakistan culturally and economically by travelling to Pakistan and returning and investing there. At the same time there is also a reactionary movement in Pakistan which wants to move away from these changes made by the western influence in Pakistan. In short we can righty claim to have a culture so much diverse yet a representative of our social, religious and cultural values in their true color.

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