Pakistani famous music

Pakistani music is comprises of different items ranging music from different parts of central Asia, South Asia Arabic, Turkish, Persian and also the modern popular Western music, all influence the Pakistani music and with the effect of these music a unique and individual Pakistani sound has originated.

Ghazal is very important in poetry is a poetic type verse that shares refrain and rhyme. Traditionally Ghazal is the impression of loneliness, love and separation. Ghazal is the poetic way to express your pain of separation and loss of love; it is originated from Persian Qasida it is considered as the poetic principal presented by the Persian civilization to the eastern Islamic world. It has great influence on the Urdu poetry.

Qawwali is the most important music of the Chishti Sufis, it has a history of 700 years, it was mainly performed at the Sufi shrines in the whole subcontinent, and it is also originated from Persia, it is internationally famous from the work of some famous people like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sabri brothers and Aziz main.  The present form of Qawwalli is formed by Amir Khusrau. For Qawwali the word “Sama ” is used in Turkey and South Asia, in Pakistan the proper name of Qawwali is “Mahfl-i-Sama”. The instruments used in Qawwali are Table, Dholak and Harmonium.

Pakistani Classical music is supported on “Hindustani classical music”, it has two important standards on is “lai” means “rhythm” and “Sur” means “musical note”. An efficient setting of the musical notes into range is called “raag”, and the setting of the lai in a series is called “taal”. Creativity plays an important part in the performance.

Modern music of Pakistan is the perfect blend of Pakistani folk music and classical music, the music industry was rebuild in 2003 when Media laws became more relaxed, the modern music includes hip hop, pop and rocks. Now Pakistani music is very much popular throughout the world, and Pakistani singers have gain international fame.