Pakistani Folk Music

It is a well known proverb that” music is food for soul” as human body needs food for healthy and smooth functioning; similarly our soul needs food of music.  Our music is unique identification of Pakistan all over the world. Pakistani musicians have recognized Pakistani cultural and Islamic values through music even in western world. The legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali khan had introduced sufi music to the western world and it throws a positive image of our cultural values all over the world. Cultural elements are the source of easy communication between different nations. Pakistani sub culture has different types of folk music that reveals doors to the heaven. Punjabi music is very traditional and heart touching to everyone. The instruments that are used in Panjabi music are dholak, tumbi, flute and dhol. Bhangra and luddi is the two well non folk music and villagers dance on the beat of dhool.

In the province of Sindh, folk music is sung in pure sindhi language and people from other city or province may not understand the exact meanings of the language but it throws very calm and pleasant effect on human mind. Waee is generally known as kafi is very popular in Sindh as it linked human mind with the creator of world. Khattak dance and khattak music belongs to the province of Khyber pakhtoon khwa, it is the traditional music from years back. In khattak dance, dhol is used, its beat and khattak dance combine, make up the joyful atmosphere in life and you will enjoy a lot. Sariki is a very sweet language; jhummer and summi are associated with sariki language. Atta Ullah Esa khalvi is a sariki folk singer and is famous for heart touching songs that truly reflects heartiest feelings of love.