Paranda Culture – Traditional and Modern Fashion

From hundreds of year, plaiting Paranda in hair is a traditional eastern fashion. Paranda is represented as a beautiful traditional hair accessory, which women like to tie with their braids to beautify their hair style. Three beautifully woven single or multi colored strands with a unique design at the end makes up a Paranda. Wearing Paranda is a very common is rural areas of Pakistan. In villages, young girls even at the age of 8 to 10 years, start wearing Paranda. Pakistan Interior areas are famous for hand woven Parandas. Women weave them at home on a frame and decorate their ends with different colors’ threads, mirrors and beads. They use great skills to shape them differently.

As the modern world is shaping up rapidly, so does the fashion changing its shape. Paranda was very much in fashion in 90’s, and then it disappears. But now days, Paranda is again making its place in fashion parade. Ladies and young girls like to wear Paranda especially on wedding occasions, such as Mehndi and Mayan. As these are traditional events, so the girls like to accessories themselves with traditional ornaments and Paranda is one of them. Even for Mayoun and Mehndi bride, it is a must to wear item. Parandas for Mayoun and Mehndi are specially design with bright yellow and green color and different colors beads and pearls are used to add glory to them.

Parandas are made with such beautiful colors that it’s hard to resist them. Now days, metallic stuff Parandas are also available in the market. There is no limit for modification for making the Paranda looks unique and trendy. Parandas are also exported to western countries as the women abroad like to adopt them as a fashion style. Parandas are the specialty of Pakistan; eastern dress is incomplete without them. Wearing Paranda with Qamiz Shalwar enhance your look and make you look more attractive and beautiful.