People of kalash

Kalasha or also known as Kalash is a tribe living in the north western region of Pakistan. The name Kalash is given to the people living there, to their culture and to their religion. They are not Muslims thus hold totally different religious thoughts then their Muslim neighbors. They are said to be direct descendants of Alexander the great who crossed the path in early years. Customs, traditions, way of living and dressing of kalash are totally different from their Muslim neighbors.

They mostly use to wear black colored long flowing frocks that are endorsed with beads of different colors. Their women also wear a head cover, actually it is not a head cover literally but something like headband that goes down their spine and covers most of their head, back and neck. In kalash unlike other parts of the Pakistan, girls are given full freedom to choose
their life partner. It is like if a girl chooses a boy her parents, tribes men and even the parents of boy and family members of both sides are abide to marry her to her choice.