Peshawari Chappal: Men’s Favorite Footwear in Pakistan

Peshawari chappal is a traditional men’s footwear of Pakistan and this is especially popular among Pashtoons and Pathans of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The word Peshawari Chappal refers to two words i.e. Peshawari and chappal. Peshawari means the city of Peshawar in Pakistan and chappal is flip-flop. It is usually worn with Shalwar Kameez, but this chappal glamorized in the 80’s by Imran Khan who wore it over jeans as well. Now trendy youth of Pakistan have started to put on this traditional footwear with jeans, especially the fine suede pieces.

Peshawar city has been the center of artisans where Jahangirpura Bazaar, near historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar has been center of highly skilled people who have been making Peshawari chappal for more than a half century.

An original Peshawari chappal must be made of hard leather, but it was not easy for wearer to adjust to his new chappals. Because it caused moths of swollen and cut feet. Now it has evolved over the years from rugged hard leather version to softer suede numbers. This comfortable and trendy footwear got worldwide fame and they are exported to South Africa, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France, India, Afghanistan and Russia.

A single pair of Peshawari chappal passes through six stages. In first step, the sole of chappal is made. In second stage, a piece of leather is sewn, known as upper. The fitting of piece with the sole is done in the fourth stage whereas in the fifth stage, pair is stuffed with a wooden piece to stretch and fix all the nails, leather and thread. In last, finishing is done through polishing and varnishing.

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