Phulkari- special traditional dress of Punjab

Punjabi culture is very rich culture in Pakistan; there are different colors of the Punjab culture. “Phulkari” it is traditional embroidery art work and is very well known because of its beautiful and colorful designs. The Phulkari dresses are called “Phulkaris” and are the famous dress on special occasions and ceremonies of Punjabi women. It is made up of two word “Phul” means “flower” and “Kari” means “technique” thus the word “Phulkari” means the technique of making flowers.

This is very old art and majority of the olden days women in villages were very expert in this work and it was simply domestic art. There were very innovative and creative in their work, now a day modern women are not taking interest in this art but still like “Phulkaris” for special occasion.

Hazara and Chakwal were very famous for “Phulkaris” the main feature of the “Phulkaris” is the darn stitch use on the wrong side with colored silken thread on the cotton cloth. Punjabi women make alluring and very attractive colorful designs. Kadhar cloth is used for this in western Punjab and is better than central Punjab. White color is not liked in ESast Punjab and black and blue is very famous in the WSestern Punjab. Most of the women also darned ornaments in their designs and a special thread made from gold are also used with silk thread to increase the charm of these designs. The creativity of these women make wonderful but some complex designs of the colorful flowers.