Pottery in Pakistan

Pottery is a very big part of Pakistani culture. Pottery is the traditional art and a source of earning living of the Pakistani tribe Kumhar. They are the very artistic people and are making pots and other ceramics from a special kind of clay. The making of pots with clay is a very artistic and tough work which a common man cannot perform. These pots are abundantly used in the villages of Pakistan where people are usually spending a very simple life. In the cities of Pakistan children usually play with these pots. These pots are also used as decoration pieces with different designs and patterns on it.

A potter at his Spindle is a common scene in almost every village of Pakistan. This art is transferred from parents to their offspring. The potter runs the spindle with continuous movement of his feet and at the same time giving a shape and specific size to the pot. Once a pot become ready, they place them in a row for dryness. Then they put them in a furnace where these pots are kiln at a very high temperature to make them harder and fully dry. Once they become completely dried, they put them back on the wheel for decoration purpose.

Pottery ware is available in a number of sizes, shapes, designs and also for different purposes. The variety of these artistic pots is including goblets, Picky banks or coin banks, fetch water and vases etc. these beautiful art pieces are then send to different areas for selling purpose. On some of the pottery they use glazing which make them more attractive and demanding. Although it is a very tough, time consuming work but they are usually sell in low prices. In few decades back, there were a very high demand for these pots but modernization and different variety of utensils kick out the business of potters.