Province of Pakistan- Punjab and Sindh

There are four provinces in Pakistan Subha Punjab, Subha Sindh, Subha Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Subha Baluchistan.

Punjab: the word Punjab translated from Persian word “punj” meaning “five” an “ab” meaning “water”. Which is translated as five water mean a “land of five rivers”, named Ravi, Biyas, Chanab, Sutluj and Jhelum rivers. It is the most populated and fertile province of Pakistan. It has covered an area of 205,344 Sq. Kms and has a population of 88.115 million. Punjab is truly an old land and becoming modern with the passage of time. Punjab has well organized cities, beautifully designed housing colonies, and most of the people of Punjab are from rural areas and for them life spins around the cycle of season. It has very rich culture with different traditions, colorful folk festivals, and fairs all over the year. The house in the rural areas are expanses to the larger part, are constructed from clay and mud, supported by straw. They are like the guaranteed of the grandeur of the Mughal Empire and the old Harrapa civilization. You will come to know about Punjab by spending some time in villages and you can feel the warmness and the people’s strength and their dedicated craftsmanship are reflected in their wearing and pottery.

Sindh: in Pakistan Sindh province has been designed after the Sindh (Indus) river, which is the only means of its sustenance. The importance of Sindh River and the similarity in classification will make someone to think that sindhu as likely the cause of the name of Sindh. But later on with some changes sindhus are converted in Hindus in Pahlavi and Hindu into Hebrew. And the Greek who occupied Sindh in the command of Alexender in 125 BC and transferred it into Indus which has modern name Indus. Sindh has covered an area of 1,40,914 Sq. Kms and has a population of about 36.714 million. Sindh has very rich culture with literature, art and music; artists of Sindh make development in glazed, pottery, carpet weaving and quilt making. Their local arts are sussi, ajrak and a strapped cloth of cotton for women are the most popular. Moenhodaro and Thatta are the oldest civilizations