Punjab jewelry

There is no doubt that jewelry is an old art like goes back to the time of cave and is very popular in all traditions from old time to the present modern time. Jewelry has great implications in every culture and it is a great investment as well as savings. From the early time woman has a great affections and love for jewelry and every woman like to adorn herself with beautiful jewelry designs.

Jewelry has the same importance in the Punjab culture. In their culture at the time of marriages jewelry is given to the brides from her own family and also from groom’s family and it is her wealth. It is also shows the concept of immortality for the mortal human. In Punjab they jewelry maker make use of different precious metals and stones and is also being a point of differentiated between the jewelry of the different ages and is also a symbol of wealth and power. The idea of wealth and power is also shown in the ornaments and it is remained in the psyche of the women of Punjab from old to the present time. The jewelry of the olden time shows the life style of the people of the land of five rivers of that time.

There are different items in Punjab jewelry and ornaments, and are very much liked by the people all over the world. In Punjab a five strands of silver chain called “panch laa chandan har”. Similarly there is a tradition of heavy sets on marriages. There are different jewelry items for hands, feet and head and beautify their brides with such beautiful jewelry items.

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