Punjabi’s dresses are according to the fashion

Punjab is the main province of Pakistan, and has different colors in its culture; they like to celebrate each and every festival of their tradition with great pomp and show. They also have a great variety in their traditional dresses, and women in the Punjab villages usually wear their traditional dresses but in the cities women and girls are now move toward the current trends and fashion and change their style a bit but still they also like to wear their traditional dresses on some cultural events. Theses dresses liked by all the people but mostly Punjabi women because it is their identification. When someone hears of “Shalwar Kameez” then firstly Punjabi Shalwar Qameez comes in mind, Punjabi suits consists of three items, kameez, shlawa and doppata.

Now a day Punjabi traditional dresses are also comes in fashion and people like to wear them in the fashion modeling and increases the charm of a ramp. Some of the most famous dresses of Punjabi cultures are as follows.

Phulkari: Phulkari is the most famous traditional dress and is also in fashion now-a-day. It is at the top in Punjabi dresses and is having very traditional touch. It is an embroidered dress and is very colorful.

Long shirt: as fashion is changes very frequently, Punjabi dress long shirt is very much in, in fashion, a long kameez with long corners with different styles are in fashion now-a-day. It has a long frock shape and also has some embroidery; it is very good looking and is very worth praising.

High embroidery:  in Punjabi girls the festivals and fashion are not far away from them. Now-a-day suits with high embroidery are in trend and when a woman or a girl wants to go out is some party or any occasion she like to wear a beautiful high embroidered suits to increase the charm of her personality.

These suits are not only specific for any Punjab traditional occasion, but you can also wear them at all occasions like parties, weddings and any other festival. These dresses are also very casual and are easy to wear, and also looks very beautiful at all occasions.