Punjabi dance forms

Punjabi Dnace

Punjabi culture in Pakistan is very vast and has different festivities, like its traditional dresses and other rituals its dance forms also varies and is of different types. Punjabis are very lively people and they perform dance on their happy occasions like wedding, victory, basant festival to show their happiness. The most popular one is Bhangra dance and it is very beautifully performed in synchronization wit dhool. Some of the other famous dance forms are as mention below.

Daankara: it is the dance form that is performed on different happy occasions; mostly it is performed on wedding. In it two men both holding staves, dance in a circle around each other, while beating their sticks together in pace with drum.

Dhamal: in dhamal, dancers form a circle hold their arm above, move their heads and shoulders, scream and yell, true form of Dhamal Folk dance is Dhamal shows the heart of Bhangra.

Saami: saami is another form of dance women of Sandalbar area is traditionally famous for Saami dance form. The dress code for this dance is bright colors full flowing skirts known as lenga with kurta.

Kikli: kikli like Daankara is also very famous, kikli consist of pair of dancers. The dancers cross their arms, grasp each other hands, rotate around and singing different songs. Mostly four girls hold hand and perform this dance.

Gatka: it is a sikh form of art in which people use sticks, swords or daggers. This type of dance is specially performed on special Punjabi holidays.

The most interesting thing about the Bhangra dance form is that it has many energetic stunts, the most famous one is called peacock or moor, in it a dancer sits on other person’s shoulders and another person hang from his chest by his legs, other are pyramid, two person towers and other different spinning stunts are also very much famous.