Royal crafts produced in the urban area

Pakistan art has a great name all over the world, its goods are very unique and different that attracts everyone. Pakistani culture has maintained their old tradition of producing beautiful arts and crafts.

Royal crafts produced in the urban area: some of the wood work on furniture, embroidered cloths, pottery and some other handmade crafts are largely produced in the rural areas of Punjab, Pakistan. Wood work and important furniture crafts are produced in Lahore. Some of the other crafts of Pakistan are produced in the urban areas of Pakistan. Like handmade carpets of Persian designs and beautiful attractive colors are equally produced in the urban areas.  Architectural crafts created from silver, ivory and gold are famous in some urban areas like Lahore. Landscapes and beautiful paintings like other art and crafts are also produces in the urban areas, but it is the fact that some of the designs are come from the designs of the rural areas; Lahore is the main center where these crafts are created and flourishing. Arts and crafts of Pakistan are in different forms and women like to have these masterpieces in their homes. The fame of Pakistani arts and crafts is not only limited to the neighbor countries, Pakistan art is famous all over the world and there is great demand of these products and are also plays an important role in the export of the country. Due to the popularity and high demands of Pakistan arts and crafts are not only available in brick and mortal stores there are different websites from where one can get these masterpieces. Getting Pakistan famous arts and crafts products is not a difficult task because of the wide distribution of these products worldwide.