Rural Life in Pakistan

Rural LifePakistan is such a country which is a land of beautiful, hard working people and when we talk of its rural life it has a beauty and charm of its own.

The villages of Pakistan are real beauty to see and admire. The life style of the people is simple but they are beyond Hippocratic attributes. People are generous at heart and they love each other.

The villages in Pakistan are consisted on beautiful moving green fields, grazing cattle and mud houses, though now in many villages brick houses have been constructed. A decade back there was no electricity or proper water supply system in villages but now many villages have been provided with electricity and water sewerage system. The women holding pitchers on their heads go to nearby well to collect the water which is really a scene of beauty.

In village there is less pollution and the one who wants to inhale healthy air should go there for the couple of days. In village they have their own dress. Mostly women wear loose fitting shirts with baggy trousers and doppattas on heads and men wear “Dhoti and Kurta”.

Rural Life

Mostly in villages people speak Punjabi or other native languages but because education is becoming more common so now Urdu speaking community is also visible there.

The famous and favorite foods for villagers in “Makai ki roti” with “Saag” and “Lassi. This is such a healthy food which the people in city can only think off.

In villages people are very hospitable. They welcome their guests and share the miseries and happiness of each other. Mostly the villagers are people, pure at heart.

In villages people sit together and enjoy music and often dance in their native style. Women go to the fields to give lunch to their hard working husbands who are farmers.

In villages there is less pollution and the one who wants to inhale healthy air should go there for the couple of days.

The village life in Pakistan is worth seeing. The urban site of the Pakistan is beautiful but the rural life has the beauty of its own.

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  1. the pictures you choosed increasing my desire to visit a villiage i always dream to be in village on a canal or a farm between the beautiful greenary its amazing

  2. thanks for appreciation and it may fascinates you more while seeing in real..thanks

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