Rural Mela- the charm of life

City life is very busy than the village life. In city, everybody works dawn to desk in factories, offices, banks and shops. Nobody has enough time to spend for their leisure. They don’t have enough time to sit with family and friends. In compare to city life village life is quite easy and comfortable. In villages, people work in fields early in the morning. Women finish their all house course early in the morning. Men works in fields all day and came back at home in the noon. They have much time to meet with their friends and relatives. They live their life with family happily. They share their pleasures and sorrows. They live together. They help each others.  Children enjoy their lives with full charm. They go to school, play together and share joy with each other.

Another most charming facility for villagers to enjoy their life is Rural Mela. Rural Mela is most charming element of Pakistani culture. Rural Mela is celebrated once in almost all the villages of Pakistan. Rural Mela is public celebration. It is celebrated for two to three days in villages. Villagers love to participate and enjoy in Rural Mela. All the men, women, old people and specifically teen agers girls and boys take great interest in participating and celebrating the Rural Mela. Children enjoy the most of all. In Rural Mela, there are many stalls of different items like, toys, sweets, clothes, bangles, jewelry, channa and fruit chaat, gol gapey, mehndi, and many others decorated for the villagers where they buy their favorite item.

The magic shows and circus camps are also decorated for the enjoyment of villagers. The swings see saw, revolving swing and many others are specifically appointed for the joy of children. The Rural Mela provides the villagers, the great happiness and enjoyment.