Salt Lamps

Salt LampRock salt is most commonly used in lamp making; these lamps are well known because of its unique pinkish glow. The most important fact related to it is known for purifying air. These salt crystal lamps show healthy atmosphere, comfort and relaxation. These lamps have the ability to remove the harmful pollutants from the air that we breathe and also give some health promoting ions which are produced by the process that is possible only by mineral salt. These lamps are available in different shapes, artisan try to produce it in a very innovative way. These salt crystals are only found in Khewra and Himalayas, from these areas sea salts blocks are obtained. These blocks are then shaped very beautifully until a block turned into very unique and different form then they are washed very carefully with water to increase its brightness and shine.

Salt LampA hole is pierced at the bottom and a wooden piece is fixed in it with which it can stand. This wooden piece has a hole in it from where a bulb can be put in and fixed, then fixed it with nuts that the bulb may not fall out. Then put down for some time that the glue dried out and all the pieces hold firmly together. Finally, for electronic support a cord is used in the lamp.

salt Lamp

Light can pass through the salt crystal very perfectly. It makes the crystal to glow and provides a beautiful impression. A hospital and a mosque in Khewra mines have been made from salt blocks bricks and same mechanism is used that give them very exquisite and beautiful look. These places are very famous because of such beauties among the tourist. People with asthma go there for their treatments and will never face the problem again. These salt lamps are made to safe the beautiful, natural and unique structure of the block of salt. They not only give beautiful look to your room but also purify the environment.

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