Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Urs

Shah Abdul Lati bhitai Urs festival memorialize the death of the poet Musician Shah Abdul Latif Sindh, Pakistan. He was one of the most respected and beloved spiritual Sofi who discovered music traditions supported by famous themes and using folk melodies. In the Sindhi language the best romantic poetry collection “Risalo” is written by him. A huge fair is held on this festival outside the poet’s shrine. Different wrestling matches the famous entertainment in Sindh, theater, circus and different souvenir and food stalls are arranged. The atmosphere is very quite inside the shrine and the main event of this festival is the distribution of the annual Latif Awards to the best performers. In Sindh, the Sindh government announces a holiday on the urs, bhit Shah town, it is almost 50 kms away from here and it has been decorated with traditional gates exactly from the main entrance to the tomb of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. Shopkeeper are selling Quranic verses adorned “chaddars” flowers, rose petals, dry fruits, floral wreath and sweets, artificial jewelry, footwear and different traditional handlooms and handicrafts. This urs and some other cultural festivals are the important part of the Pakistani culture and are very much popular, people from all the other places come and attend this festival and take advantages from the philosophy, love and peace, harmony of this sufi.