Shalwar Kameez

Traditional dress of Pakistan is shalwar kameez and is famous around the world as well. Shalwar is a kind of Pajama resembling the loose trouser but is very comfortable and elegant. Kameez is a straight shirt has bent from waist; it can be made long or short according to the trends and choice. Shalwar kameez is accompanied with Dupatta which is a long shawl or scarf and is used in various styles according to the occasion.

Western trends in fashion also got fame in Pakistani clothing for years but traditional Pakistani Shalwar Kameez is also in vogue and become one of the breaths taking fashion in western world. The fact behind the enormous popularity of Shalwar Kameez is it is very comfortable and gives a complete feminine look to female body. Women of Pakistan carries this traditional dress wherever they move because it is the representation of their culture. Many western ladies claim that they demand for shalwar kameez to look more attractive, sexy and to feel more comfortable.

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