Shundar Polo sport festival

Many centuries ago this game had been played by the local Rajas and Mirs, they played this game not only for the pleasure but also for the tribute and celebratory events. The Rajas and Miras send messages to their relatives and travel down in the valleys where the challenge had been held. It is very exclusive sport that frequently played in village square. Polo lovers played polo with great love, preparation and enthusiasm in the Polo ground. The tournament of polo held in the Shundur Pass every year, visitors from different part of Pakistan are invited to play a traditional polo tournament between the team of gilgat and Chitral, on 7th to 9th July. Many other things are involved in the festival like dancing, folk music, village camp set up at the pass, fishing, mountaineering, and horseback riding, camel ridding, exploring and hiking.

For the visitors in the Polo tournament there are also many attractions. In the near streams and lakes there is a special arrangements for the trout fishing, proper arrangements are also made for dancing and music of northern Pakistani culture. The spotlight of this auspicious festival is the final match which stint outstanding extravaganza on the spectators which can never be forgotten.

Visitors from different and distant parts of the Chitral and Gilgit travel on the mountain ranges just to attend and support their teams and watch this thrilling game. This festival shows you the beautiful glimpses of the insight of the culture of this region, different indigenous outfits, and an enjoyment to hold the interest of the visitors. Shundar polo sport festival is an unforgettable event for all Pakistanis.