Sibi Mela

Sibi mella

Many festivals are celebrated round the globe, sometimes as a memorandum of any special happening in past or in the memories of famous honorable personalities.        Sibi Mela is a fair organized at a small town that has a tremendous history. Sibi city is at 163 Kms distance from Quetta, that may be a 2 ½ to 3 hours drive on personal vehicle. Sibi Mela has a history starting from 1500 AD. Sibi was a meeting point for the tribal chiefs of Balochistan.
According to some historians Sibi Mmela was celebrated to welcome the spring season while others think that its remains of ancient barter trading system. In the month of February tribesmen rush towards Sibi throughout Balochistan, some places of Sind, and Punjab too; for trading their animals and to earn a handsome revenue.


Horse dance

For tourists there are many attractions during this festival. Tent pegged Zoos, Animal Shows (Horse and Camel dance), and different types of circuses are the notable attractions for both kids and elders. Different types of traditional and fast food stalls are also there for the refreshment of people coming to see Sibi Mela. Animal markets and stalls of various agricultural industry products are the major attractions for the farmers from Sibi and nearby areas of Balochistan and Sind. Traditional handicrafts representing the culture of both provinces are also center of attractions. Balochi embroidery is very much appreciated by both young girls and women. Tribal mud utensils and decoration items are very much liked by visitors from various cities of Pakistan and foreign countries also.

This festival provides an opportunity for both visitors and business men to get together. The number of events is inspiringly being increased which is increasing the interest of visitors by providing them great amusements and increased chances of business.