Sindh and Sindh culture:

Sindh is the province of Pakistan and is very famous for arts and crafts; Sindhi people are very hospitable, hardworking, open minded and peaceful. Sindhi culture has its deep roots in the Indus civilization. They are free from casts and creeds inhibition. Sindh historically known as “Ba’ab ul Islam” and is also called “Mehran”, in Sindh there are people from different religion like Hindus, Zoroastrains and Christian but Muslims are in larger number. The language of the Sindh province is Sindhi, Sindhi culture is greatly influence by the past sub continent, in the east a large stretch of the desserts and mountain in the west is like barriers, the Indus in the north and the Arabian sea in south blocked an easy access in this area so, Sindh is develop their own artistic traditions, their music, literature and arts, crafts maintain their original Sindhi taste. Sindhi culture is very rich with variegated glazed tiles, leather and straw product, quilts, embroidery, textile designs, hand print making, exquisite pottery and lacquer work.

Malakharas (wrestling festivals) and Melas are very famous, camel and horse racing and breeding are the most famous pastimes of the Sindhi people. Bullock car racing, cockfighting and catching pala fish in the Indus are the most favorite characteristics of the province. Sindhi language has a complete Sansikrit basis and is very closely linked with ancient prakrit. There are 52 letters in the alphabet. In the Sindhi poetry there are many famous poets that raise the level of the Sindhi poetry and are very well known all over the world like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Shah Abdul Karim, and many more Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is the great and grandfather of Sindhi poetry.

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