Sindhi Entertainment

Sindhi Entertainment

In Sindhi entertainment the name of Sindhi Bhagat is prominent. Sindhi Bhagat is a Sindhi folk art that incorporates in it multiple entertainments like song, dance, stories and drama. The most popular folk form of entertainment in sindh.



History and Performance

It is developed through a long time. Sindhi bhagat become the source of entertainment infact the cultural entertainment. It becomes more developed and its performance became more professional and created folk-art form. The main role in the performance is “Bhagat” that’s the source of name of this entertainment. Bhagat was the first dancer and initiator, storyteller, and like the soul of the performance. The other players included in the play like a supporting players called ‘Boldias’, the players of musical instrument such as Hormonium, Tabla, Dholak etc included approximately all rhythmical instruments.





Bhagat is such as an attracting and magical performer that focusing its audience hours and hours. Because bhagat is mainly start late in the evening and both men and women take their part excitedly through all the night till next to the morning after their meal.

With the very melodious voice, proper rhthm of his steps, body movement and magical story telling he keep focusing or fully attracting his audience in such a way that the people even not blink their eyes throughout all of his show. He also fully skilled and dramatic, that changes his audience mood or emotions according to the situation demands or as he wanted to be.

Now a day’s sindhi bhagat is going to decline because a variety of reasons and circumstances as the electronic mass media is compulsory today. So in this circumstances bhagat is only perform and dedicate occasionally.

Sindhi and other bhagat’s

There is a list of influential Sindhi bhagat’s that consider to be preservers of the sindhi heritage and culture included:

v Arjan Bhagat

v Bhagwan Chawala

v Ghansho Bhagat

v Gobindram Bhagat

v Partap Bhagat

v Pritam Bhagat

v Ayaz Ali Bhagat

v Hassaram Bhagat

v Prof. Raj Kumar Bhagat