Sindhi Life Style

Sindhi Culture

Sindh is one among the four provinces of Pakistan. in Pakistan all the five provinces have their own distinguished characteristics and people belonging to these province feel proud to be a part of the rich culture they own.

Sindh is one of those provinces which have been invaded by many people in the past and those who invaded in Sindh left they had already printed their deep marks. Sindhi people are well known for their hospitality, hard work and bravery. The handicrafts of Sindhis are liked by the people all over the world. Sindhi Ajrak is a hall mark of Sindhi culture.

Sindhis are lively people. They love to dance on Sindhi folk music. The land of Sindh has produced many great poets and singers who acknowledged themselves with their great work of Sindhi poetry. Shah Abdul Latif Bhtai can never be forgotten or neglected.

Sindhi culture

Sindhi people have their own special choice in food. On wedding they like to have mutton curry, Palak, Channa daal etc.  Sindhis’s culture is very rich to explore. Sindhi women also work side by side with men in the field of handicrafts and the embroidery they do has no match. Sindhi embroidered clothes, shawls and bed sheets are famous all over the world and are also exported to other countries.

The land of Sindh has witnessed the invades of many warriors belonging to different part of the world and their impact on the Sindhi culture is unignorable. The history of Sindh seems to be filled with the names of the warriors but it does not mean that Sindhis are war loving people. Sindhis are peaceful and hospitable people Sindhi poets have written the poems of peace and love so one should not feel that Sindhis are the fighters or warrior type of people.

Like other provinces of Pakistan, Sindh has its own cultural significance and Sindhis feel proud to be the part of a rich land of Sindh.

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