Sindhi Wedding Rituals


Normally in the interior of the sindh, the wedding is pre-set or pre-fixed by the head of the family. It is like the girl fate is sealed at the moment she is born. Girl’s future husband is chosen by her father with his cousin or her close related relatives. It is simply like the agreement between brothers or relative others that if the baby boy will be born and other’s wife give birth to the girl they will be married both and opposite occur in the other case.

In the interior side of sindh, jahaiz does not have any priority or preferences in traditional sindhi marriages. Only the things are given that uses in daily life and some gold according to the economic conditions of bride’s family. But if we compared it to the other parts of Pakistan in which girls are consider a burden, this is because of jahaiz in the form of household equipments, jewelry and clothes on the marriage.

Sindh weddings or marriage system also a form of slave trading it is the dark side of the marriages here. The trend increasing day by day even so it is not considering crime here in lower and poor class families. The tradition of marriages in sindh is just like or resembles to the Hindu wedding in a very excited and lavish manner. The special priests specialize in match making and match horoscope of eligible boys and girls from house to house.

Wedding day rituals

Haldi ceremony

Garo Dhago

Preparing the groom



paon Dhulai

Haldi ceremony is the ritual followed by the bride and grooms both, as a form of purification, pouring oil and haldi all over the bride/groom bodies this is done by the family members of both. After the ceremony is finish couple cannot leave the house.

Garo Dhago is the ritual of tied red thread on the wrist of bride/groom.

Preparing the groom is the ritual of tied a ribbon to groom’s hair to protect him from evil eye. A red cloth contains a coconut tied to the end placed around the neck of groom.

In baarat the sehra tied to the grooms head and is placed on the horse. With the lamp lit for the household deity the groom’s mother set forth for the marriage venue along with a musician band.

Swaagat included welcome to the groom’s family by the bride’s family. Bride looks from the window but carefully. The bride comes to receive the groom.

Paon Dhulai, during this ritual the brides brother perform this ritual by washing feet of both of the bride and groom by the brother of bride.



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