Siri Paye – Lahore’s Famous Breakfast

Siri Paye (head and hooves) of goat is a famous traditional cuisine in Lahore usually eaten at breakfast. Food culture of Lahore is so rich and it needs thousands of pages to write only on the breakfasts of Lahore.

Breakfast food of Lahore is famous worldwide and one of this is Siri Paye. This food is highly delicious and nutritious like all other desi dishes, but carries uncountable calories if you like to eat siri or maghaz (brain).

If siri paye is cooked traditional way and finest style, you can easily addict to this taste. Taste of siri paye is very unique and no part of the goat can compete this. You will notice while eating the siri paye that your fingers get glued due to the stickiness of gravy or shorba. This stickiness is the essence of this dish preparation. It is also said if your fingers are not glued together while eating siri paye, that means they are not cooked properly and skillfully.

There are a few points in Lahore that are very famous for Siri Paye such as Phaja siri paye at Heera Mandi, Haneef Siri Paye on Temple road Mozang, Mohammadi Siri Paye and atom bomb siri paye. Lahorites are so crazy about food that they can wake up at 5 a.m to buy the siri paye. At the famous siri paye shops, people have to get the token to buy siri paye and wait for their turn even for hours. If you go to Lahore, never miss to eat siri paye!

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