Sports in Pakistan

Cricket team

Along with Hockey and Squash, cricket is also the most favorite and famous sports in Pakistan and Pakistan is also considered as the most prominent country in the cricket sports, and have many records in this game. Some of the famous traditional sports like kabaddi are very well played in Pakistan. Ministry of education developed a sports board in 1962 a corporate body to promote and develop uniform standards in sports in Pakistan as compared to the standards that are available internationally and also controlling and organizing sports on the international level. Some of the most famous sports of Pakistan are

Cricket: there is a huge following of cricket and almost in every district and in the entire region there is a cricket team and boys love this game very much as they start playing this game from very young age. Pakistan also won world cup in 1992 and also in 2009 won ICC world cup twenty20. And also remain runners up in 1999 world cup and twenty20 world cup in 2007. Pakistan cricket team has also gain popularity to the international level.

Squash: one of the other famous sports in Pakistan is Squash and has a large number of followers in Pakistan. The legends of this sport are Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan and have won many of the world squash championships and also some other tournaments. Open tournaments of Pakistan are one of the leading events in the sport of the country. There are special arrangements in every province for the championship.

Polo: it is said that polo is originated in central Asia, the world highest play ground Shandur ground a polo tournaments is held there every year there, it is the biggest event held every year to draw the attention of the people of Chitral and Gilgit.

Football: the second most famous game in Pakistan is Football; people enjoy this game a lot. Football is mostly played on the local level and is the most favorite game in Swat valley and Baluchistan.


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