Status of women- the innocent creature

In Pakistani culture the role and status of a women is equal to men. They equally participate in all fields to the men. In every field Government also specifies some seats and special quota for women to give them their place and rights, and give them the platform to use their rights in right time and place; they can also use their rights for other women. Majority of the women in Pakistan are homemakers and all the men are breadwinner. The most common profession of the women in Pakistan is teachers and nurses, they are also representative of Government as ambassadors and as ministers in Parliament, the first female Prime minister was Benazir Bhutto and served up from 1988 – 1990.

In Pakistan women are regular voters, Islam gives the rights of inheritance, alimony and also the child custody. Women in the villages are looking after their homes, their children and also their husband. They are performing their these duties and also take part in the harvesting to help their men and also doing small businesses of handicrafts, poultry making and embroidery clothes and many more. They are very hard workers and work shoulder to shoulder with their men.

Women are also taking part in all sectors like agriculture, banking, teaching, and courts and playing their part very well. In four high courts and in several lower courts Women judges have been appointed. For women there is 10 percent quota in police sector. There are many NGO’s that are working for the women rights and providing them education, jobs and also arranging their marriages and are working for the welfare and for providing equal rights to women. Pakistani culture is promoting women in a very best way because women is the most beautiful and innocent creature on earth.