Swat: mini Switzerland of Pakistan

If we can name certain regions of the world as living paradise on earth then definitely swat will take its place in top ten. It is a virtual heaven with a very genuine line of forest, nature and green. With recent operation of evacuating Taliban and all such evil forces out of the heaven, this is surely a worth visiting spot.

Green and lush landscapes, old buildings, monuments, mountains, lakes, skiing opportunities to the traditional dance of local people and a storm of visitors, swat is a land that need a couple of months to explore just the faintest spots to the core deep.

The name swat comes from the river flowing along with the valley. People of swat are warm welcoming. There are Buddhist shrines spread all over the swat valley that invite people from all over the world. The mystery and mist of history that covers these monuments is surely an apple pie for all history lovers.

There are high class hotels that provide tourist complete luxury. Apart from these professional service providers, local people and their small or broad homes are more than eager to give you home like environment to make your tour as swat oriented as possible. Those who had once visited this earthly heaven will surely take another turn of the swat valley.

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  1. “Swat: mini Switzerland of Pakistan”

    We need to put our sincere and best effort to restore the name and fame of Swat as it had in past. It is one of the most wonderful and beautiful places of world. But unfortunately in the near past because of being controlled by some extremist groups, it’s beauty was dwindled.
    I really appreciate the effort put by the writer “Hina Syed” by writing “Swat: mini Switzerland of Pakistan” to restoring the name and fame of Swat which it deserves. This is one of the steps and we got to do more.

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