Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this beautiful and vast, attractive place for the people of Lahore and modern by the Government of Pakistan. And all of the people that love to visit historical places. The garden also written as Shalamar Garden and it is a Persian garden.

The construction of the garden starts in 1642 CE (1051 AH) and was completed the following year. The project manager of the garden was held under the instructions or guidelines of the Khalilullah Khan with the cooperation of Ali Mardan Khan and Mulla Alaul Maulk Tuni. Shalimar gardens are located near Baghbanpura.

The beautiful garden is surrounded by high brick wall, which has importance for its interior fretwork. On the charbagh concept this garden was designed. The Shalimar garden have been laid out from the south to north, and divided into three levels of terraces which have the distance of 13-15 feet above one another included:

  • The most upper terrace Farah Baksh, with meaning of Bestower of pleasure.
  • The middle is with the Faiz Baksh, which mean Bestower of Goodness.
  • The last and lower terrace with the name Hayat Baksh, mean Bestower of life.

410 fountains rise from the basin and from the canal which discharge into the white marble pools. These cool fountains are like a bless during the summer season in Lahore, in which the temperature sometimes exceeding 120 F (49C). The following is given the distribution of the fountains in the Shalimar garden according to the upper, middle, lower terrace.

  • Upper level terrace has 105 fountains.
  • Middle level has 152 fountains.
  • Lower level terrace has 153 fountains.
  • The total fountains of the garden if combined, it makes 410 fountains.

Fountains Shalimaar Bagh


There is present 5 water cascade in the garden, including great marble cascade and Sawan Bhadoon. There is variety of buildings situated in the garden, the list of the buildings enlisted below:

  •            Khawabgah of Begum Sahib called dream palace of the emperor’s wife.
  •             Baradaries or summer pavilions to enjoy the coolness created by the garden’s fountain.
  •             Nagar Khana
  •              Buildings of Nagar Khana.
  •              Sawan Bhadum Pavilions.