Three-day Cultural expo concluded

Finally the three-day expo featuring Pakistani culture has been concluded on Monday this week. The event has continuously provided great exposure to the culture, traditions, and living standard of Pakistan to the entire world.  Venue for the event was none other than Minar-e-Pakistan. The event was a joint-sponsored program by Punjab Government, CDGA and Lahore Council of Arts.

Large number of both the world-class artists and underground performers appeared in the festival and entertained the lively citizens of Lahore city. People from other parts of Pakistan also took participation in Lahore festival event. People who applauded the performers include Saeen Zahoor, Fakhir, Akhtar Chanal Zehri, Shazia Khush, Malku, Rukhsana Murtaza and Zeek Afridi.

Different traditional and regional dances of Pakistan uplifted the mood of Lahoris. Specially dances like Jhoomar, Kailaash, Balti, Dari, Bhangra, Kathak were given huge round of applause by the audience.