Truck art in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are different arts and that are famous all over the world. Truck art in Pakistan is a great art and it has also grabbed the tourists’ imaginations and also the attention of art’s lovers from all over the world. In Pakistan this traditional truck paintings and truck art work has very interesting history.  In the days of Raj transportation companies in 1920’s employ craftsman’s to decorate the tracks, with this art and painting they tried to attracts passengers. This technique work very well, that all the passengers tried to buy the tickets of the most decorated trucks, but now a day this art is very much common and now almost all the trucks are painted and decorated. This art does not still serve the same purpose, now this art has become more complex and become deeply rooted in Pakistani culture over time.

Truck art in Pakistan is also the other most interesting fact to attract tourists. This art is similar to that of the billboards painting. These painting are like the moving art of history that also explain stories, represent beliefs, also shows complicated designs and signify values. The materials, techniques, colors, symbol and symbolism is different in different regions and has great importance in culture. All the provinces in Pakistan have different style of truck painting due to the different cultural heritage. While Balochistan and Peshawar are famous for wood trimming, Sindh is popular for camel bone work, Islamabad and Rawalpindi truck support plastic work. The truck art and the use of different colors, materials, and the overall style now serve as the representative of culture of that region.

The creative feature, colorful flowery patterns and the calligraphy of poetic verses all these art forms are the perfect part of Pakistani transport tradition. At present time fine arts students are also working on the truck art in very beautiful manner. The use of bright and different colors in some other objects like phones, maps, mugs, lamps and fans to support truck art all over the world. All those painters and artists engaged in the beautiful truck art work and is one of the biggest arts in the country.

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