U.S to support culture in Pakistan

Pakistani nation has applauded the U.S support for cultural development in Pakistan. U.S has announced to help and support Pakistan for 17 cultural projects at the launch of a photo exhibition on Thursday. The exhibition was held at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA).

Cameron Munter, U.S Ambassador inaugurated the exhibition. He stated his country’s long lasting efforts in favor of Pakistan. He stated that United States of America want to help for the preservation of cultural and traditional heritage of Pakistan. He labeled Pakistan as a rich country from cultural point of view.  He specially named the Mughal architecture, historic manuscripts, Sufi shrines and religious significance that certainly need to be preserved.

“The Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation epitomizes the cultural partnership between the U.S. and Pakistan and emphasizes our respect forPakistan’s rich heritage and diversity,” Cameron Munter said. “The photo exhibition highlights the beauty of Pakistan” and its study can also help us to better understand each other as people, he observed. “Cultural heritage is a crucial link to the past and transcends all boundaries. The effort to preserve thus heritage is a gift for the generations to come.”

Director General for PNCA, TauqirNasir stated at the occasion

“the photo exhibition is a tribute to the magnificent cultural heritage of Pakistan.”

United States aldo had supported Pakistan numerous times. The remarkable joint efforts that people of Pakistan appreciate includes archaeological site in Taxila, Muhabbat Khan Mosque (Peshawar), Mann Singh Haveli (Rohtas Fort), JinnanWaliDheri (Taxila),GorKhatri (Peshawar), Alamgiri Gate (Lahore),Medieval Manuscripts (Peshawar), Shrine of HazratSakhiSarwar, Tomb and Baradari Hafiz Mohammad Hayat (Gujrat), Shrine of Shah Shams Tabraiz (Multan) and others.