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National language of Pakistan is “Urdu” it is also an official language of the country and English has also shared this post. All over the country it is the best medium of communication. Since 11th century Urdu is in this region, so the rulers of that period are keen to learn write and read Urdu. It is derived from different languages and is an Indo-Aryan Language. The Urdu language letters are similar to the letters used in Persian and Arabic languages. Although these letters are same but the accent and language is different. The word “Urdu” meaning “army” in the old time armies from different regions were living together but they all have their own languages, so, one languages was required which was understand by all so, Urdu appeared as a medium of communication between them, according to an analysis Urdu language is not only speak in Pakistan but also in different parts of the world. In India it is one of the 23 official languages. In Bangladesh it is mostly speak and also in the surrounding countries. In America and European countries there are thousands of people speaking Urdu.

Not more than 8% people in Pakistan have their first language as Urdu but the remaining population speaks and understands Urdu as their second language. In Pakistan an estimated figure of native Urdu speaker is 10.5 million and this figure is 50 million all over the world.  Those who speak and understand Urdu as their second language is about 104 million. In Pakistani school and colleges Urdu is a necessary subject. Along with English Urdu literature and poetry is given prime importance. The literature of Urdu has very rich history, and has many famous and world recognized poets like Allama Iqbal and Mirza ghalib. Not only poetry sharia literature and Islamic literature has also been written in Urdu. Urdu is like binding and holding forces which join and hold all the Pakistanis together.

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  1. Yes you are right the urdu is one of the sweetest languages of the world and more over it has the ability to absorb the words from other languages it has the words from many languages and also you can see the most of the modern languages like english is also being absorbed in it. We love our national language urdu. But unfortunately it is not the offical language still.

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