Village life in Pakistan

The villagers in Pakistan live a happy but simple life. Their needs are limited. They are pleased with what they get. They travel mostly on foot. They are early risers and works in their field, from dawn to dusk.

The two most important workmen in the Pakistani village are carpenter and the black-ssmith. They make and repair farming tools. They also do other odd jobs for the villagers.

The two most important persons in the Pakistani village are the primary school teacher and imam of the masjid. The school teacher also acts as the postmaster of the village. The imam of the village beside leading prayers also guides the peoples to solve their problems. He also runs the muktub where the children learn to read the holy Quarn Pak. He also gives treatment to the sick peoples. Autaq is the meeting place for men in Pakistani village. Villagers gather there in the evening or in their leisure time to discuss their problems. Sometime they enjoy music and sing song at the tunes of ghaghar and tamboroo.

The meeting place for women in a Pakistani village is the village well. The women of the village gather around the well to discuss their problem. They chat with each other and pass their leisure time there.

The villagers wake up early in the morning. After salat ul fajr, men and women start their day’s work. Men and sometimes women milk their cows. Women shurn milk to make butter, ghee and lassi. On the other hand, men go out to their fields.

The village life in Pakistan is very simple but very hard. People enjoy fresh air and natural beauty. They are early risers. Their life is a symbol of hard working and continuous effort. On the other hand, the city life is very busy and polluted. People do not care about each other. They cannot enjoy fresh air and natural beauty. They wake up late and go to bed late. Hence, most of them are unhealthy.