Village life in Pakistan

The village life in Pakistan has its own beauty of charm; it is comprised of so rich and wonderful traditions and values. Of course the outer cut of the village life is that it is simple and people are conservative but still they have their own individuality which makes them so beautiful to be notices.

Most of the villages In Pakistan from whatever province they belong mostly the culture, values and traditions are same but still every village has its own distinctive life style. In some villages in Pakistan the only profession of the people is farming and later they sell them for cash. There are some other villages where people do painting, pottery or some other home based work of art is made .They have the beauty of their own and when in any festivals people gather from the villages of all the provinces the differences between them and the feeling of affiliation towards each other is clearly visible,

From whatever village the people belong in Pakistan one thing is certain that they are hard working, honest and loving people. Women work with men in fields and also in the handicrafts and embroideries of different designs they have no match around the world.

In villages education was not very common in the past but now new schools have been opened though they are not providing all the modern facilities to the students but still these schools being there is not a less blessing.

Every village has its own food habits different from other villages for example many dishes of Punjab and N.W.F.P are very famous and well know to all the people in Pakistan. The villages in Pakistan share their culture with each other and they keep brotherhood feelings for each other. As far the health condition in villages is concerned the modern medical facilities are not available in all the villages and mostly villagers avoid medicines unless it is very necessary. They mostly use natural herbs to cure different diseases and mostly they do it successfully otherwise in critical conditions patients are taken to the hospitals in big cities.

The village life starts very early Men go to fields after a  healthy breakfast while women work at home  and look after kids. Though the villages do not have very modern life style but still they are not less in beauty than the cities.