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The couple is made on heaven, we all know. But the celebration of this couple meeting is celebrated on earth. This celebration is known as the wedding ceremony. Wedding is the beautiful and sacred way for couple to live their lives. Wedding itself is a name of endless trust, and a lot of compromises between couples. So the relationship of trust and compromises should be celebrated in more meaningful and memorable way.

Everyone wants that his\her wedding should be celebrated in unique style. The wedding ceremony is celebrated in various ways in all over the world. Every religion has its own culture and traditions; it has its own term and condition for its followers to live their lives under these terms and conditions. There are millions of religions in all over the world like, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, and Islam. Islam is very pure and respectful religion. Islam is very well known religion in all over the world for its kindness and purity.

Pakistan is an Islamic country. It has its own Islamic cultures and traditions. The Pakistani culture is very famous for its eastern specification and identity in all over the world. Wedding is an essential religious component of Pakistani culture. There are many ways to celebrate a wedding ceremony in Pakistan.

wedding ceremonies

In all provinces of Pakistan, there are many different ways to celebrate wedding ceremonies.  But the basic theme is same in all the regions of Pakistan.  The basic theme of wedding is divided in three categories. The mehndi, barat, and walima (reception) are the basic themes of wedding in Pakistan. The other rituals are maeya, sehra bandi, gharoli, and maklawa.  The most popular function is mehndi. Mehndi is celebrated in much arranged manner. Everyone enjoy a lot on this occasion. Barat is another very interesting and moral function. And walima is celebrated after the barat.

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