Wedding feast

wedding cuisine

A wedding in any Asian country whether it is Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka or India, weddings are not just about the traditions, customs and culture but also about having fun, feasting and eating all kinds of foods. In Pakistan wedding it is the tradition that when guest are invited they are served with lunch or dinner. All the communities serve their guests on wedding with their traditional feasts. All the areas have some of their special dishes that they are served as the specialty of the place.

Most of the families prefer traditional cuisines on their wedding but now days there are many other dishes that are also being served on the wedding parties. The most favorite cuisine for Mahandi is channy, puri, chicken qurma and naan and kashmiri chae, for barat the traditional dishes are chicken qurma, buryani, coldrings, saag with meat these dishes are the simple traditional dishes that every class can afford, but high classes can add a great varieties of different dishes in their wedding dinner. The cuisine of a wedding ceremony is entirely depend on the budget, there are great variety of Mongolian, Chinese, Continental and Maxican dishes are also served with the traditional food.

Pakistan cuisine

The food for wedding is cooked by some experts, they hire caterers for this job, and they not only provide their services in cooking food but also serve the food to the guests and also make all the preparations for the wedding feast. In winter some high class people also serve their guests with some appetizers like soup, in Pakistan the wedding feast have great importance in all the wedding functions.