Wedding traditional dresses

Bridal Dress

In Pakistan wedding in everyone’s life is an unforgettable traditional event, dress and jewelry is the most important part of the brides and grooms personality, they are the most important part of the day because both bride and groom wants to look elegant and beautiful. Both of these things are the major elements of wedding day in Pakistani weddings. Bride in Pakistan try to select the best dress for this day because on this day she will be the point of focus for everyone. So, she wants to look attractive because the look of this day will remember throughout the life.

There are different types of wedding dresses in Pakistan like ghrara, sharara, mermaid cut Lenhga, lenhga choli, ankhrakha with churidar pajama, salwar kameez. In Pakistan all the people are not of the same class some are from elite class, some are from middle class and some are from lower middle class so, wedding dresses are available in all price ranges. In Pakistan bridegroom’s dresses are designed in such manner that they have traditional as well as stylish look. Groom’s dress is in black, white or any other color but white and black is the most liked one. Black is like the superior color for all grooms. These dresses are designed by the professional designers to give them an elegant and perfect look and made their day.


The bridal’s dresses are adorned with different embroidery designs using beads, threads, silver, gold thread and discs. And groom’s sherwani is along coat that is perfectly fit to the body, it is fitted with buttons, this sherwani is also adorned with embroidery, Baloochi and Peshawri are the two types of sherwanis. Some of the grooms also like to wear turban, it is in traditional red color and khusa or sandal footwear are the most preferable one. Pakistan has different province and all these provinces have their own traditional dresses for this special day.