Welcome to the Outstanding Food Valley-Food Street Lahore

Like other beautiful places of Lahore, Food Street of Lahore has main importance and centre of traditional Pakistani food. Old buildings and places surround the food street by centuries. As lahoris are fond of eating and night riders so the area of this food street is open during day time but as the sun sets the street is closed for the motor vehicles. At the night time late night visitors and Hungry people enjoying the best of food available in Lahore and famous too.

The attractive and unique place of Lahore that’s open 24/7, but in Ramzan food is not serving at day time.  Another food street has been open more recently near Anarkali bazaar Lahore. Lahoris are so warm hearted, live hearted always searching for enjoyment, entertainment and also good feast. First Food Street was established and opens in an area of Gawalmandi and on Nisbat road near the famous Mayo Hospital. The recent idea for the easy access and to gain much popularity is to establishing Food Street outside of the walled city. The famous ‘Phajjay k Paye’ that is the specialty of old Lahore, Doctor Nihari, Pathoory, Katlamma, Sardars fried fish and many other food items. A variety of sweet dishes besides for the sweet tooth are available here like jailaibees, kheer, and other variety of sweet dishes.

For more beautiful outlook, old houses overlooking the streets have been renovated and their old balconies decorated with wood carving and beautiful lights. These enhance and mystic through the sizzling smoke of BBQ.








Variety of dishes that’s the specialty of Food                                                                                                     Street is enlisted below:

Chicken Karahi                              Hareesa                                                Paan

Fried fish                                       Murgh chanay                                     Halwa poori

Daal chawal                                   Baraf ka Gola                                       Qahwa

Halwa poori                                   Sardar ki machli                                Falooda

Chargha                                          Fruit chaat                                            Haleem

Fried fish                                         Kheer                                                    Biryaani

Samosa                                           Dahi Bhalley                                         Lassi

Because of the specialty of food items, their taste, reasonable prices lahories treat their guests from outside Lahore in this valley of colors full of delicious food items rather than anywhere else. Two food streets are located in Old Anarkali and other in the walled city of Lahore always remain open throughout the night.