Wood crafting-part of Pakistani culture

Wood craft

In the work of arts there is very deep pleasure and since many ages artists have been trying to show their happiness via different mediums. In Pakistan one of the main industries is of Furniture and other woodwork and is done in different cities of Pakistan.  The main hub of woodwork is Chiniot, although there are many other regions from Central Punjab and Northern areas are very popular for the particular wood work. When someone talks about wood carving it does not consists of building up of chairs or tables and scratching, but it is the most sophisticated and delicate form of work.

The famous craftsmen of Chiniot and some other cities, for example Gujrat is the most famous for producing supreme quality of the woodwork the most well known and top skills are coloring, carving, cutting, incising and engraving. The gracefulness with which these craftsmen made their furniture, particularly those that are produced from Walnut wood are the most famous all over the world.

There is a very great range of woodwork in Pakistan that is being practiced. Some of the very famous skills in Pakistan are parquetry, carpentry, wood carving, cabinetry and marquetry all of these skills are Pakistan’s assets in the handicrafts of wood.  Some of the other and most famous expertise and master pieces of woodwork is the most beautiful jewelry box that is decorated on your dressing table, a beautiful sculpture of the bird placed in your drawing room and an elegant carving on the beds and the fascinating woodwork done in making doors of the offices or houses all are the best examples of the woodwork of Pakistan artisans.

In Chiniot the best woodwork will be found. On Sheesham wood carving will be done with hands, Chiniot is also well known for the brass inlayed work. On the other hand, for wood polish art the Sillanwali is very much famous for its unique design and beauty. This art is being travelled from India so; this art is famous since that time.