Wood handicrafts

Wood work is an art of making complicated designs by hands on different types of wood. It is very difficult to differentiate whether the traditional motifs, floral, geometric or various conceptual samples have been in actual designed by hand or all this done by wood embroidery machine. Wood embroidery machine can stamp and copied different designs very perfectly. Handmade designs are also very perfect and also show great details and individual and unique designs and style. Wood handicrafts are a pure traditional art and it is an art of different process and also need mastery for making proper use of different scratches the design depending on the complication of the design and the type of the wood used.

Wood monuments are done in two forms, one is designing and other is carving on the wood. It also needs two different artists to perform these two types of jobs. One of the most sensitive, delicate and time consuming art is to carve Holy verses or text on the wood and it is done by hands. For verses carving licensed is required then only licensed artists can stamp verses from Holy Quran on wood because of the religious issues in Pakistan. These verses are not only just printed but also checked to correct if there is any mistake.

Wood of different types are used for making such beautiful wood handicrafts, and also crafters use different kinds of stuffs like copper, gemstone and other metals for the decoration purposes. Shops of handicrafts in Pakistan do not sell the Quranic curved verses handicrafts to non Muslims because of their disrespect for the Holy book. Most of the foreigners become astonished to see such exclusive handicrafts.