“Love mein gum” by Reema Khan

“Love mein gum” is Reeam khan’s movie which is all about love, the main theme of this movie is to tell all the youngsters that life is very beautiful; each and every moment is very precious.  This movie is filmed in Malaysia and Azerbaijan city in Baku. In this movie Reema Khan also played a role of Christian girl with the name “Maria Joseph” and known as zindagi (life). She is a librarian assistant in the college “Kuala Lumpur” and also studied in the same college. She loves a boy named Wilson, Nabeel khan played this role but he is interested in her friend Araida and they both with their other friends always mischief her and make her feelings poorer but she still like Wilson very much.

Bollywood super comedian Johny Lever is playing the role of “Sukhia” and Pakistani film star Afzal Khan (Rambo) is Rapphar Singh both of them are the Zindagi’s collegues and with them she shares all of her feelings. Ali Saleem played the role of a designer named “Naaz” and a friend of Zindagi.

Mumar Rana played the role of “Ali” a son very rich businessman Javed sheikh “Haroon”, Jia Ali played the role of a glamorous secretary of Haroon, the film has good music, famous singers sung its song like the title song is by top star “Ali Zafar”, good costumes and good choreography. Everyone played their role in a best way.