4 Man Shows” is One of the Most Popular and Entertaining Show

“4 man shows” is one of the most popular and entertaining shows in the country. 4 man show is a funny talk show which conveys the messages by making fun of politicians, actors .hosting and starring by Murtaza chaudary, Faisal Chaudary,Mustafa Chaudary,Faheem Khan, Mubeen Gabool, and Mohsin Abbas Haider. This show projects politics in a lighter vein and fun at our politician and their policies, the government and thus over selves too. This show and a team is sharp and witty in depicting our short comings as a nation through humor and for these four men nothing is impossible and no gag is so risky to pull.

They present current affairs of Pakistan in that manner which you have never seen before. From the creators of the 4 man show comes a funny news show that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. The show is based on a highly popular character Khalid butt. The show takes on the biggest news of the day and twists them in ways that will have the biggest names in politics, industries, and media running for cover. Certainly the most unique and funniest news presentation on television which name as BNN (banana news network).

What appeals me the most about 4 man shows is they conveying and delivery of a message in alight way. These 4 men’s show is a quality that comes in mind. They are précis, neutral and positive like all other talk shows with fake propaganda. There is a very thin line between ’satire and a mockery’ which they know very well and every one enjoy its spoof because tolerance is the sign of sensible society.

I’m an all time fan of 4 man show. They knows there limits and never cross it simply they are amazing.