40-foot-long whale shark

A team from Pakistan Museum of Natural History consisting upon six members has flown from Islamabad to Karachi on Friday for the discovered 40-foot-long whale shark from Karachi Sea. Departure of the team has been confirmed by the Karachi Fish Harbour Authority officials.

Museum director, Dr. Mohammad Rafiq said that team will not only examine the whale shark but also will extract some samples and other reports in order to detect the exact cause of death. For the display of whale shark to general public costs around Rs 2.5 million.

“The dissection process would complete within a couple of days. The team would take all measurements of the specimen, including those of its internal organs, while tissue samples would be preserved and sent to different laboratories to detect abnormalities,” he said.

The shark has been termed as a rare specimen and its discovery from Karachi Sea will help officials to know more about the creatures under the water in their jurisdiction.

“The largest specimen of the whale shark was recorded in 1947. At that time we didn’t have the facilities to preserve the specimen but this is not the case right now.”

Results and other medical reports of the shark may take a month, confirmed Dr. Rafiq.

Regarding the condition of the specimen, he said: “The specimen is in excellent condition. There is no deterioration of any sort and the credit for this goes to the KFHA and the marine fisheries department.”

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