Abida parveen the living legend

Abida Parveen born in 1954.She embarked upon her professional career from Pakistan, Hyderabad in 1973.Abida Parveen internationally known as uncrowned Sufi queen. She interprets the Sufi poetry having a obvious enunciation along with a gentle frequently melancholy presence making the content go in.She is considered as a one of the most prominent contemporary exponents of the great ghazal and musical styles. She never ceases to sing her fiery fascination with the divine.

This Pakistani singer’s truly amazing voice has earned her status. Though not as immediate the surging ecstasy of the big Qawwali assembles, her intimates charged music offers much to these prepared to give themselves over to it.

Abida parveen is always known for her dazzling quality  of voice, her vivid musical imaginations allied to her utterly feminine sensibility, all used to tell the beloved the states ,this love makes us endure.

She is original a Sufi-singer so very few westerners understands the poetry or lyrics. parveen sings about passion for the only person and also the need to be united with this particular divine creature.Abida gets her material for ghazals from the old precious poetry or texts of the Sufi poets and her own self composes. The background music that is highly ornamented because the warm voice adopting the stanza’s.abidaparveen deeply touches the heart and soul of her fans as wrote by BBC when her album was released in 2002 named as “visal”.”Praveen could sing a shopping list and have an audience weeping”.

Sufi music transcends the barriers of language, culture and creed. An even foreigner who doesn’t understand the words listen to Sufi music it will transport him to ecstasy, indeed parveen must has a power to communicate through hearts.